Riddell Axiom Helmet

Axiom FAQ

Since the launch of our new helmet, we have been listening to your questions and comments. Check out the details below to learn more about Axiom and its features.

  • What happens to the visor when it rains, or when the visor gets scratched?
    The visor that comes with Axiom helmets has anti-fog and anti-scratch elements to help prevent issues like these. Riddell also offers an anti-fog lens cleaner. The helmet equipped with the factory optical visor has been through rigorous laboratory and on-field testing, which also accounts for a variety of weather conditions.
  • Can I swap out the visor?
    The visor that was designed specifically for the Axiom helmet is the only visor that can be used at this time. Depending on your face mask style, there are two different types of visors you can use: open or closed.
  • Can I wear Axiom without the visor?
    Axiom is intended to be worn with the visor; however, it does still meet the testing requirements if an athlete prefers to wear the helmet without the visor.
  • Why is the face mask missing the top bar?
    Axiom’s frontal protection system removes both the top bar and side bars of the traditional facemask providing additional flexing and a better impact response. Removing these face mask bars also provides a panoramic view of the field without the bars obstructing an athlete’s vision.
  • Are there different face mask options?
    Yes, a list of standard and titanium face masks for Axiom can be found here.
  • Does the SpeedFlex face mask fit Axiom?
    Axiom components are made specifically for that helmet model and are not interchangeable with other football helmet models.
  • How do decals fit on the helmet?
    This question is something we have been asked in every helmet launch since we introduced the Revolution helmet in 2002. Once equipment managers and others that interact with helmets get familiar with Axiom, they are always able to figure it out. Excitingly, Axiom provides an opportunity to showcase your team in a new way with its unique design.
  • What is the difference between Precision-Fit and Tru-Fit?
    Both the Precision-Fit and Tru-Fit system begin with Riddell’s Verifyt scanning app where a 3D image of an athlete’s head is captured. Once collected, the app cross references that image with our head shape database to customize a liner system creating a personalized fit, or Tru-Fit. Precision-Fit helmets utilize the image to build a custom helmet for the individual player. Unlike Precision Fit, Axiom helmets may be reconfigured for another athlete’s head.
  • When is it available for purchase and how much will it cost?
    Axiom is currently available for Varsity team purchases through a Riddell sales rep and will debut in Fall 2022 with Youth versions expected to be available after the 2022 season. The team price point for each helmet will be around $750, fully equipped with all hardware.
  • How protective is this helmet?
    All Riddell helmets go through extensive laboratory and on-field testing as part of the design and development process. Of note, Axiom was worn by athletes at the high school and collegiate levels during the 2021 season as part of a final field test. We anticipate Axiom will be included in third-party helmet evaluation prior to the 2022 season.

If you have any additional questions, contact your Riddell Sales Rep. If you are not yet connected to your local rep, head to www.riddell.com and click “Find your rep” in the “Team Resources” tab at the top of the page.