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About Ripkord System: Riddell Shoulder Pads Removal System


Chicago bears to be first NFL team to adopt the new RIDDELLI® RIPKORD™ shoulder pad technology

"The removal of the shoulder pads and helmet continues to be a critical aspect of treating severe head, neck and chest injuries" said Tim Bream, Head Athletic Trainer for the Chicago Bears. “Riddell‘s RipKord Shoulder pads will not only serve our players better, but also are a key development which will be used by youth athletes across the country giving medical personnel the ability for improved care."


Our mission is to ensure the most effective medical management, diagnosis and treatment of suspected head and neck injuries to each and every football player at the high school, college and professional levels.

"The RipKord system is designed to provide a number of distinct advantages to athletic trainers and medical professionals when treating players on the field who have encountered head and spinal injuries." Mike Kordecki, former Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer for the Chicago Bears.


A cord is strategically integrated into the shoulder pad design that, in an emergency situation, can be pulled out to separate the components for easy access to the player.

When dealing with apparent spinal injuries, the removal of shoulder pads with RipKord™ can be accomplished by no more than two trained professionals without removing the player from a spinal board. Current procedures require six to 10 individuals to lift a player off a spinal board even before they can remove equipment for treatment or evaluation procedures. By pulling a single cord, shoulder pads outfitted with RipKord™ can be quickly and easily removed by two trained professionals without elevating a player.


The Riddell RipKord™ Shoulder Pad Removal System allows for the following:

  • Easy, effective removal of shoulder pads with less manpower than typically seen on football fields today
  • Reduced time between possible injury occurrence and shoulder pad removal
  • Minimized physical movement after possible injury occurrence
  • Easy access to the body and airway
  • Full access to the chest in case of need for CPR
  • Quicker preparation for diagiostic X-Rays and MRls

RipKord ™ Shoulder Pad Removal System


Pull the cord


Remove Shoulder Pad