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Welcome to the Mascot Guide

Enhance your designs with one of our mascots. Give your design a custom look without the custom art charge! Finding the perfect mascot for your design is easy with this guide!

All of our mascot categories have been organized into an alphabetical drop down menu. You will find this menu on all mascot guide pages, allowing you to access any of the mascot pages no matter what page you're currently viewing. If you look towards the top right of the page in the red bar, you will see "SELECT CATEGORY." To the right of this is the drop down menu where you simply click on the category you want to view. For example, if you want to see the Tigers we offer, you would click the menu to display the list of categories, then scroll down and click Tigers. You will then be taken to the Tigers page. That's it! You would click on the drop down menu again any time you wanted to navigate to a different page.

After clicking on your desired category, all mascots for that category will be displayed on the page. All mascots are shown on the page in their most basic form, 1 color black. However, to view a larger 2 color version of the mascot, all you need to do is click on the mascot image you want to see. The enlarged image will load on top of your current page for you to view. If you'd like to save the image you're viewing, right click on it and select "Save Picture As..." To close the image to return to page of all mascots in the category, you can either click the close button towards the top of the page, or click anywhere off the picture.

Using the mascot guide is one of the easiest ways to save your customer money. By selecting one of our print ready designs, you can avoid the custom art charge assessed when we need to recreate artwork. Plus it saves you and the customer the hassle of submitting artwork to us, as well as saving time by not needing to recreate art. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Get creative and look at the mascots with an open mind! We can make mascots multiple colors, use halftone gradients to give the appearance of additional colors, and even modify the shape of the mascots! Below is an example of how a mascot can be used multiple ways to achieve different looks. These effects can be applied to most of our mascots!

Color 2Colorw/gradient Silhouette 3Color 3Colors ColorHead
1 Color
1 Color w/gradient
2 Color w/gradient
3 Color
3 Color Head Only